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All my life I've had a longing for connection, for relationship and union. Growing up I felt that the intensity of my longing sometimes was too much for people and pushed them further away. It took me some time to realize that a great deal of my hunger was for the sacred, for God, and only partially could be fulfilled by other people.

As a child there were two things that stopped the ache of loneliness: spending time in nature and being absorbed in a creative process. Walking through the Swedish woods I had experiences of God that were undeniable. Letting my imagination loose on paper also connected me with a timeless, unseen world where I felt held, a part of creation.

I believe we are all born with a creative spark at the core and that we often feel the most alive when we are in touch with that. As a Rosen Method Practitioner, I've been fortunate to watch the transformation that happens to clients when they allow themselves to express their truth, their creativity. As an artist I know how healing it has been for me to give form to the experiences that have touched me the most, to make the invisible more visible to myself and others. Making images is also my way of giving something back, to tell the unseen beings that I am grateful for their presence.

Grace is nothing we can control, but I do believe we can court it. In that sense art-making is a form of prayer, and when the prayer is answered and everything flows, you know you are on sacred ground if only for a moment.

Kerstin Zettmar

June 15, 1999


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